Strategic Solutions for Airlines start-ups

Offering aviation leasing, financing and aircraft acquisition in addition to broad-spectrum aviation consulting, specialising in passenger and cargo airline start-ups, business plan development and assessments, development of regional airports and commercial flying academies.

Comprehensive Service

Securing the right aviation strategy at the beginning or adapting the strategy as the environment changes is critical for commercial success and viability. As an industry, aviation has had a mixed investment return over the years and has been an industry that has developed and changed significantly.  The modern world economy relies on a secure supply of air capacity for both passenger and freight movement.  The airline industry is still dynamic and changing every day.  New technology, new airline operators, secondary airports, new business models and economic uncertainty to name just a few all impact on different parts of the aviation value chain in different ways.

Commercial aviation strategy and business planning. Our team provides comprehensive analysis and review of commercial opportunities and offers solutions to clients which position them for success.

  • Market opportunity
  • Market positioning
  • Fleet Strategy
  • Market development strategy
  • Airport and new route development
  • New technology
  • New aircraft types
  • Competitor strategy
  • Airline turnaround
  • Greenstone Aero Financial Model
  • Financial and economic modelling
  • Business plan development
  • New airline development
  • Low cost airline strategy
  • Airport self service strategy
  • Distribution strategy
  • Pricing strategy


  • Aircraft Purchase & Sales Agreement


  • Aircraft Purchase Inspection (PPI)


  • Aircraft Records Maintenance Audit


  • Aircraft Acceptance, Delivery, ReDelivery


  • Aircraft Remarketing Services


  • Aircraft Lease Management


  • Aircraft Purchase Sales Special


  • MRO Representative During Heavy Maintenance


Airport Development Services

IGR at a Glance

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Airport Operations
Airport Development
Capital Project Management
Commercial Development
Airport & Air Service Marketing
Privatized Infrastructure Finance
Investment and Asset Management
Project Finance
Airport Privatization
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)
Swiss Auctions
Financial and Operational Restructuring

A World Leader in Airport Investments and Operations

IGR Airport Financing Public-Private Partnerships in Airports

In transactions globally, ranging from public-to-private partnerships to BOTs to freehold acquisitions, including the transitioning/separation of these business to developing and executing through an active asset management approach at a number of significant airports in Europe, Australia, South America and the Caribbean.  Through their leadership roles in the industry, IGR  staff has also developed significant relationships with airlines, commercial providers (duty free, retail, food & beverage and car park operators), facility equipment and service providers, regulatory agencies, governments and advisors. These relationships enhance IGR s ability to rapidly grasp an airport’s requirement, develop an appropriate business plan and execute against it. 


In summary, Airports Worldwide has:


  • Large and complex airport operations DNA
  • Expertise in operational and commercial turnarounds
  • Development expertise
  • Financial and investment strength
  • A dedicated team focused on the airport sector

Key Stats

  • Airport investments under management: US$400 million
  • Passengers served annually: 35 million passengers
  • Airport presence: 10 airports
  • Airline relationships: 45 airlines
  • Routes and countries served: 290 routes to 40 countries in 3 continents
  • Airport staff: 700 people
  • Passenger terminal space managed: 150,000 m2 
  • Capital projects: US$300 million

Planning Services

Our planning expertise includes Airport Layout Plans, Master Plans, Aeronautical Studies, Environmental, Capacity Studies, Public Relations/Marketing Campaigns and more as noted on our services, Our diversity in airport development have helped our clients advance projects in these areas:

Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our Experience

IGR works in partnership with airports on a wide array of planning, design and engineering projects that include:


  • project formulation and concept development
  • airport planning, environmental, and management
  • land acquisition and relocation assistance
  • airfield paving, grading, & drainage
  • access road & parking lot construction
  • airfield & area lighting
  • airport visual aids
  • electrical vaults & controls
  • hangar, fuel farm, equipment & related buildings


Planning Services
IGR planners have decades of experience with:


  • site selection
  • airport layout plans
  • master, business and marketing plans
  • environmental assessments
  • airspace analysis and FAA coordination
  • land use compatibility programs
  • noise impact analysis
  • economic impact forecasts
  • air service development
  • strategic planning
  • airport certification and related plans
  • airport terminal building
  • airport rates and charges
  • wildlife hazard assessments and mitigation plans


Engineering Services
 IGR engineers create custom airport solutions on:


  • runway, taxiway and apron pavements
  • airfield lighting systems
  • visual and navigational aids
  • roads, utilities and infrastructure
  • aviation fuel facilities


Administrative Services
 IGR supports your airport operations with:


  • airport capital improvement plans
  • grant applications
  • land acquisition coordination and administration



Airport Development Analysis / EIS Analysis

Our Airport Development Analysis and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Services Include:

  • Environmental Assessment / EA, FONSI, EIS
    Aircraft Noise Modeling
    Noise Abatement Procedures
    Noise Attenuation
    Noise Contour Lines
    CNEL (Community Noise Equivalent Level)
    DNL (Day-Night Average Sound Level)
    65 DNL (Day-Night Average Sound Level)
    SEL (Single Event Noise Exposure Level)
    Avigation Easements
    Taking/Inverse Condemnation
    Airport Land Use Compatibility Safety Zones
    FAA On Airport Construction – Funding
    FAA Off Airport Construction – No Authority No Funding Impact
    Planning Commissions
    Population Density
    Modification, Use, Fleet Mix, Impacts
    Master Plan Analysis
    ALP Analysis
    Airport Expansion
    FAR Part 150 Noise Analysis
    FAR Par 161 Feasibility Analysis
    FAR Part 139
    Security Requirements / Systems / Procedures / Evaluations / Audits / Simulation / Vetting-Badging

Marketing and Public Relations

IGR works with you to enhance your market presence and tell your story:


  • aviation related industrial/commercial and business development
  • marketing plans to enhance your airport's presence
  • public relations campaigns
  • identity packages
  • communications products
  • event promotion & coordination