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                                       Military Gear & Tactical Gear 

fleet of 10 each UH-1D/H helicopters

This fleet of 10 each UH-1D/H helicopters were operated  for almost 50-years as part of 3 Squadron. At the time of retirement from service, 6 ea. of the aircraft were in operational condition and 4 ea. aircraft were being utilized as parts aircraft to support the operational aircraft.


Availability : 12 planes fully maintained.








Availability :20 planes fully maintained.



Availability :  7 planes fully maintained.







Availability :


22 planes fully maintained.


F-16 Fighting Falcon

Availability : 28 planes fully maintained.








The AS565 MBe is powered by two Turbomeca Arriel 2N turboshaft engines for reliable performance in high-and-hot conditions. It features modern cockpit avionics that include an automatic flight control system (AFCS) and flight management system


Availability : 2 Helicopters


Eurocopter AS332 Super Puma

Availability : 22 planes fully maintained


MD 530F

Availability : 22 planes fully maintained


AH-1F Cobra

The Bell AH-1 Cobra (company designation: Model 209) is a two-blade, single engine attack helicopter manufactured by Bell Helicopter. Powerplant: 1 × Lycoming T53-L-703 turboshaft, 1,800 shp (1,300 kW)


Availability: 17 Helicopters, fully maintained.


The Sikorsky S-92 is a four-bladed twin-engine medium-lift helicopter built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the civil and military helicopter market. can come in several formations  - Search and Rescue, Transport and VIP


Availability: 2 Helicopters, fully maintained.


IMI CombatGuard 


New development of the IMI for Armored vehicle with up Seven Warriors Inside
Designed to be fast and light Attack Aromored Vehicle, with fast extraction doors.
Fully protected from shells up to 14.7mm and also protected from small and medium IEDs and Mines.
With speed of 150Kmh
With Active protection system - Barak.

Available - 
Per order.


M163 Vulcan Air Defence

The Israeli modification of the M163 Vulcan "Machbet" adds a pod with four FIM-92 Stinger missiles.


These greatly increase the engagement range and have a much better effectiveness against fast aircraft. The chassis features many modification common to the M113 in Israeli service




55 Vehicles


Merkava MK4  



Developed by IMI for the Israeli Army.
Superior Tank in the battlefield
With high maneuverability capabilities and digital precision systems
Equiped with active shield.


Composite matrix of laminated ceramic-steel-nickel alloy. Sloped modular design.


Primary armament
120 mm (4.7 in) MG253 smoothbore tank barrel with LAHAT ATGM capability.


Secondary armament
1 × 12.7 mm (0.50 in) MG
2 × 7.62 mm (0.300 in) MG
1 × 60 mm (2.4 in) internal mortar (improved)
12 smoke grenades


120 tanks fully maintained, ready for action


Developed and built by Israel Shipyards by for the Israeli Navy
High maneuverability, 
Power Plant
4 MTU 16V 538 diesel engines, four shafts, total of 12,800 hp (9,500 kW)
34 knots (63 km/h; 39 mph)
4,000 nmi (7,400 km; 4,600 mi) at 17.5 kn (32.4 km/h)
1,650 nmi (3,060 km; 1,900 mi) at 30 kn (56 km/h; 35 mph)
415 tons (450 tons full loaded)
Armament: will be discussed separately


Availability :2 Ships fully maintained


                      Aircraft Carriers For Sale

Aircraft Carriers For Sale


The ship has highly flexible operational capabilities, which enable her to carry out the functions of an aircraft carrier, as well as transport wheeled and tracked vehicles.


The vessel is equipped with a flight deck designed for operating with helicopters and V/ STOL aircraft. There is also a hangar/garage of 2,500m².


The ship’s conventional non-nuclear plant propulsion system is the most powerful (88 MW) built to date, and her controllable pitch propellers are at the cutting edge of naval technology.


Government is interested must comply fully with all The United States and International Law Disclosed Upon Qualification of Buyer for Protection, Privacy & Security Purposes of Our Clients. all serious inquiries will be answer. If you cannot satisfy these criteria do not submit a request..




Destroyers For Sale Two units of recently withdrawn from service.

All acquisition transactions must be authorized and completed directly by IGR AIRCRAFT SALES, LLC CEO Dr. Luis Rivera or appointed official 

                   NOTE :Country Representatives are NOT Authorized to perform any financial transactions on behave IGR AIRCRAFT SALES IGR Aircraft Sales,