An independent asset management organization providing comprehensive in-house asset management support to lessors, banks, equity investors and operators in the aviation sector, from sourcing and acquisition to disposal. Headquartered in Ireland, Acumen has a global reach with regional offices in the USA, India and China

“Providing a wealth of sector knowledge and a fundamental understanding of the asset class”

Asset management services for commercial airlines, aircraft leasing organizations, governments, heads of state, financial institutions and ultra-high net worth individuals We understand that purchasing aircraft is a costly and lengthy process and we know first-hand that an aircraft’s upkeep and maintenance poses further financial considerations and complex logistical efforts.


We truly believe that rigorous asset management is crucial to retaining asset value and maximizing a return on investment. All our asset management services are performed with this outlook.


 I'm simply excited with the support and confidence companies are entrusting us with like them you can enjoy all the benefits of ownership without the stress of handling complex day-to-day operations. We are growing rapidly in the aircraft management service in the world and proudly have decades of operational excellence in aircraft management. Whenever and however our services are needed, rest assured we will be there for you.


Due Diligence

·   Deal Evaluation and Investor Returns

· Technical Inspection

· Structures / SPV Set-up

·                     Client Intelligence

·                     Documentation


·    Technical Assistance

·      Commercial Assistance

·       Risk Management

·       Onboarding

My Journey Around The World

  • Assessment and sourcing of optimal conversion candidates
  • Acquisition For conversion candidate aircraft
  • P2F conversion through strong global partner network
  • Conversion of A321, B737 Classics and New Generation ATR-72-200/500
  • Tailor made maintenance and engine support programmes, painting and refurbishment

Aircraft available for immediate conversion

                                                  Disclosure upon completing the pre-qualification form and approval 

B767, B737 and B747 aircraft families, A320, A321, A330, A340 B737-300/-400/-700/-800, B747-100/ -200/-400, B757, MD-11, B767-200/-300. 777-200, 777-300

Bombardier CRJ100 or CRJ200 and Bombardier Q400 into package freighter using our freighter kits.

All acquisition transactions must be authorized and completed directly by IGR AIRCRAFT SALES, LLC CEO Dr. Luis Rivera or appointed official 

                   NOTE :Country Representatives are NOT Authorized to perform any financial transactions on behave IGR AIRCRAFT SALES IGR Aircraft Sales,